Have questions ?

How are downloads calculated ?

All our paid plans come with unlimited downloads, feel free to create as many videos as you would require.

Do you have video upload option ?

Currently all our templates support only images and animations. If video is critical to you please write to team@the4thblock.com

I have trouble choosing a plan

Please fix a meeting with our team member and he should be able to help you.

When will I get billed ?

You will get charged immediately after you buy a subscription.

What happens when I cancel ?

Your account will be downgraded to a free plan. Please note the earlier created videos will not be deleted.

What sort of customizations on the templates I can request ?

If you want to add or remove any elements or require changes in the animation or the dimensions of the template please reach out to us. We will make the changes and make it available to you within your workspace. Please note this feature is only available in Studio and Agency plans.

What should I do if I require more custom templates ?

Our agency plan comes with 10 custom template requests every month. If you require more templates, please write to us at team@the4thblock.com

How many templates get added ?

We add 15 to 20 new templates every month.

Do you take custom template requests ?

Yes we do, Our agency plan comes with 10 custom template requests every month.

Do unused template and customization requests roll over ?

Customizations and creating new templates require a lot of manual labor. Hence we are unable to provide roll over credits from the same.

What about reseller rights ?

Our agency plan comes with reseller rights.

What is your refund policy ?

All our paid plans come with a no questions asked 7 day refund policy. If you wish to refund please write to us team@the4thblock.com

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