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We use 4thBlock regularly at Springzo. It's a must if you want to create snackable Instagram videos. It's super easy and takes no time - could not have asked for more. Shalin - Founder of Springzo

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Create animated stories like Big Brands.

If you have envied big brands publishing cool animated stories on social networks like Instagram and snapchat and dont know how to do it yourself. We have a solution. Using our pre-made templates you can create amazing animated stories in less than 2 minutes.

Social networks rewards brands with more exposure when audience engagement is high and the only way to consistently engagement with audience is by posting high quality stories more often.

Attention is the new currency

When to choose 4thBlock

  • If you wish to communicate with your audience via animated stories on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or Whatsapp
  • If you want create animated Instagram stories but it doesnt make sense to have a full time in-house design team.
  • If you are not an after effects ninja yourself.
  • If you are savy enough to use a WYSIWYG tool, then our Solo Plan would be perfect for you.
  • If you run a Digital Marketing Agency and need to provide custom story templates for your clients, our Agency plan might interest you.
  • If you wish to get started with animated stories but dont know where to start, book a meeting with us and we promise to help.

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